Frequently Asked Questions

The following list should answer most of your questions about UNITAR 5th Convocation Ceremony.

1. How will I know if I am graduating?
Students may check the status by sending an email to

2. When will the Convocation Invitation Card be issued to students?
The Convocation Invitation Card will be issued during the convocation registration day which is scheduled on 14 December, 2017 at UNITAR, Kelana Jaya and 15 December, 2017 at PICC, Putrajaya.

3. Can I have extra Convocation Invitation Card(s)?
No, you will be given one (1) Convocation Invitation Card for two (2) guests. The guests are required to show this card to the usherers when entering the Hall.

4. Do you sell Convocation Invitation Cards?

5. What should I do if I lose my Graduate's Name Card?
Students need to collect a replacement card by 7.00 am for morning session and 1.30pm for evening session on the Convocation Day at PICC, Putrajaya.

6. Where can I get my Clearance Slip?
Students may download the slip here.

7. If I do not bring my MOHE Slip during registration, what should I do?
You may refer with the person in charge at MOHE Tracer Study counter during the Pre-Registration Day.

8. If I am not coming for rehearsal, what should I do?
Please get detailed information about the convocation proceedings from your friend(s), to ensure a smooth convocation for everyone.

9. If I am not coming to the Convocation, what should I do?
Please inform the convo secretariat by sending an email to

10. How can I get the academic scroll and transcript, if I did not attend the Convocation Ceremony?
You may collect your academic scroll and transcript at the following address during office hours after the convocation date:

UNITAR International University
One Stop Centre,
3-01A, Level 3, Tierra Crest
Jalan SS6/3, Kelana Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Note: Please verify the accuracy of the information in the academic scroll and transcript. Should you notice any error, kindly contact Exam Unit at 03-7627 7310/7245/7235/8150 or email to Exam Unit at You are required to return the original copy of the scroll/transcript to the University not later than one (1) month from the date of the collection.

11. How can I get the academic scroll and transcript, if I cannot come to UNITAR for collection?
The academic scroll and transcript will be delivered to Regional Centres (free of charge) or we will deliver to your mailing address using a courier service. If you would like your academic scroll and transcript be delivered to your mailing address, please pay courier charges of RM10 (within Malaysia) or RM90 (overseas) to UNITAR for this service. Proof of payment to be faxed to 03-76277447 (Attention:convo2017) or email to

12. Can I get special consideration for the convocation procession or ceremony if I have special needs (such as wheelchair seating)? Who should I call?
Yes, please contact Mr. Zulkifli (+603 7627 7310, at least seven (7) days before the convocation day.

13. Where and when can I take my photograph?
Graduates may collect the captured photograph as scheduled below:

For more information, kindly click here

14. Can I buy Graduate' Academic Robes?
Yes, please refer to Academic Robe Committee for the prices: Ms. Noorasyiqin (+603 7627 7218,

15. Can I get additional copies of the Convocation programme?
No. Every student is entitled to only one copy each.

16. What time will the Ceremony Hall's doors open to guests?
Doors will be opened to guests with the invitation cards one (1) hour prior to the beginning of the Convocation Ceremony.

17. What is the amount for convocation and graduation fees & what is the easiest method to pay them?
To be eligible to attend the Convocation Ceremony, the graduate MUST MAKE FULL SETTLEMENT OF ALL OUTSTANDING PAYMENT due to the University (e.g. tuition fees, library charges etc.) as well as CONVOCATION FEE BY FRIDAY, 17 NOVEMBER 2017.

Graduations as well as Convocation Ceremony fees are differentiated by level of study as listed below:
Important Note: The Convocation Fee is including basic photography packages and convocation robe. For additional photo package, students need to liaise directly with the official photography hired by university

All payment are to be made in the form of Banker's Cheque/Bankers' Draft payable to UNITAR CAPITAL SDN. BHD. Graduates who paid through online method are required to inform Finance staff (refer to Enquiries Table) not later than FRIDAY, 17 NOVEMBER 2017.

Any cash/credit card payment can be made at the following counter:

Student MUST present the bank in slip or evidence of payment to Finance Counter at Main Campus/Regional Centre or directly email to us together with below details:
1. Student Name
2. Matric Number
3. Contact Number
4. Payment Description i.e Graduation and Convocation Fee
Email to:

18. Can I get access to UNIEC Campus V2 after convocation?
Students will be given access to the system until Convocation Day on 16 December 2017.

19.I still have questions relating to the convocation, what shall I do?
Please send an email with your inquiry to